Agriculture visits

The tour takes 4 hours

4 hours | Company


All of these visits should be seen as examples of agricultural professional visits that could be interesting. If you have other wishes, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Visit to an agricultural college: We will visit an agricultural school in the Czech Republic. The visit starts with a lecture about the school system and its agricultural college. The visit continues with a tour through the agricultural school, followed by discussion / conversation with some of the students. The entire visit ends with lunch. The visit takes around 4 hours.

Visit to a cooperative farm: We will visit an agricultural cooperative in the Czech Republic, which is located one hour drive from Prague. We will listen to a lecture on how to run a cooperative farm and their earning potential. Tour and lunch at the farm. The visit takes around 5 hours.

Visit to a private farm with animals or a private farm with grain is also possible to arrange. The visits take 3-5 hours.

All the agricultural professional visits are situated 1-2 hours drive by bus from Prague. Our guide picks the group up at their hotel. The guide will be with the group all the time, so there are no language problems.

Some of our agricultural groups complement the visit mentioned above with an excursion of - for example - Skoda factories, visit of the Terezin concentration camp or Prague City Tour.