LOM Praha

The tour takes 1-2 hours

1-2 hours | Company


LOM PRAHA is the leading company specializing on the Mi helicopters lifecycle support in the NATO and EU countries certified by the Russian MVZ Mil and OAO Klimov companies, the Interstate Aviation Committee MAK and domestic aviation authorities.

LOM offers comprehensive services associated with overhauls, i.e. a complex support of the aviation technology lifecycle.

LOM focuses, in particular, on overhauls, upgrades and modernizations of Mi-2, Mi-8/17, Mi-24/35 helicopters and their dynamic components (turboshaft engines, gearboxes and auxiliary power units) lifecycle support. Furthermore it also manufactures and repairs piston engines and propellers and provides training for pilots.

During the visit the group will be introduced to the history of the company and the repaired products. Then the lecture will continue in the assembly hall with tour of aviation technology, repair of engines, gearboxes and triggering units.

At the end of the tour, the group will see how the parts used for aircrafts are analyzed and cleaned.