Tos Varnsdorf

The visit takes 2 hours

2 hours | Company visit


TOS VARNSDORF, production company is located 90 km from Prague.

TOS VARNSDORF a. s. The firm was founded as early as 1903 and up to now has grown into a big engineering company known for its products all around the world. The world's leading company develops, produces and sells machine tools, complemented by a wide range of services and accessories.

The visit takes 2 hours and begins with an introduction to the company, its system and production and history. Then the group continues to the production hall to see the practical and logistic side of the company.

Tos Varnsdorf has its own design team to develop the machines and a strong manufacturing base to produce them. In addition, the company provides for the services in the form of outwork offers (metalworking, measuring services, chemical and heat treatment of metals).

The machines are characterised with high performance, progressive design and reliability whereby these properties are a result from all the time-proven experience of engineers with the current state-of-the art.

The machines can be found on the world's most demanding markets. At present the biggest ones are Germany, Czech Republic, Finland, Poland, Russia. The sales are progressively growing in China as well as other countries.