Temelin - Nuclear Powerplant

The tour takes 3 hours

3 hours | Company


Temelín nuclear power plant is the largest power plant with an installed capacity in the country. The power plant is located in the village of Temelín in South Bohemia. Its construction began in 1985. Because it was finished in 2002, it is one of the most recently developed nuclear power plants in Europe.

In the spring 2003, the Temelín Nuclear Power Plant, with its 2,000 MW of installed capacity, became the largest power resource in the Czech Republic.

The visit begins in the information centre and takes around 2 hours. It consists of a lecture about Temelin power plant, including the history and the used technology. With the lecture goes also a 3D projection.

Then the group continues to see an example of a cloud chamber and the rest of the exposition that is full of models that will be explained and commented.

The group will learn many interesting things about nuclear energy as well as the plant itself.