Stechovice - Hydroelectric Station

The tour takes 2 hours

2 hours | Company


The Štěchovice Hydroelectric Power Station was the second constructed component of the Vltava Cascade (1938-1944). The dam is 22.5 meters high, 120 meters long and has five spillways.

The visit starts with several short films about water energy and the Vltava Cascade. Furthermore, the group gets a lot of interesting information about the plant and its history.

Then the group goes for the tour of the plant itself. There is a possibility to see a flow turbine and pumped-storage power plants, an alternator and the unique dam floodgate for boat transportation.

The tour also includes an exhibition of photographs and equipment from the history of the plant, including the construction during WW2 and the floods in 2002. The group will also visit the former control room with monitors showing different parts of the plant.