The tour takes 4 hours

4 hours | Tour


In May 1942 the German Deputy Reichsprotector, Reinhard Heydrich, was assassinated in Prague by some Czech parachutists. The German revenge for this was terrible. They sought out some villages around Prague, burned them down and murdered at random.

Among them was Lidice, a small village app. 25 km west of Prague, where all men and boys older than 16 were executed on the spot and women and smaller children sent to extinction camps in Poland and the Baltic countries.

On this excursion to Lidice we will visit a very interesting museum, which shows different items from the time and from the village. There are many original photos and short films from this tragic event, too.

Later we will take a walk in the present park, which was earlier the village Lidice. We will pass by some of the ruins of the school, the church and other houses, which were burnt down by the Germans. And we will see a monument of those 72 children who were sent to Ausschwitz and gased there.

Price:3.000 CZK.

Price includes pick up from your hotel by an English speaking guide and entry to Lidice.