Prague Underground

The tour takes 3 hours

3 hours | Tour


This tour in the Old Town and the underground is a really exciting trip for those who want to experience the old, unknown and dark Prague.

Prague is famous for its beautiful buildings and the cozy atmosphere, but there is another, more cruel history of the Prague underground. At the Old Town Square under the Astronomical Clock the underground is hidden 6-7 meters below the current ground level. You have now the chance to get to more levels beneath the city and see places where people lived in the 12th century and which later became a notorious prison and torture cellar.

The tour starts from the Powder Tower, goes on through one of the oldest streets in Prague where there used to be three palaces, continuing into the small alleys, and you can see buildings which are hundreds of years old. You will hear about the Templar Knights in Prague, Mozart, Tycho Brahe, the Royal Route, Franz Kafka, religious war, the end of WW2 and many other interesting stories.

Then we go to the Old Town Hall to get down to the hidden city in the underground, where we visit several of the old rooms, where you will hear the gruesome stories of prisoner's fates. You will learn about the struggles of the Czech resistance fighters with the SS and German soldiers in the last days before the liberation of Prague. Join this new and exciting tour that takes place in the small streets of the Old Town and especially in the "town below town".