City tour for school groups

The tour takes 4 hours

4 hours | Tour


This tour is an alternative to the regular city tour, as the students are forced to find and seek out answers to the tasks. The tasks are diverse, and students must contact some local czech people to clear some of the tasks. On this tour the participants will visit almost all the same places as on the traditional city tour.

The guide picks the group up at the hotel and takes you to the Old Town Square. The guide divides the group into the teams of 4-5 persons. Each team gets a questions, which they must answer. When all the groups have got their first question, they are sent off to find the answer. When the group has found the answer, they give it to the guide, and the group will get the next task, etc. There is a total of 7 questions to be answered.

During the race the groups will visit most of the following places: the Old Town Square, Charles Bridge, Týn Church, The Jewish Quarter, Wenceslas Square, the Municipal House and the Theatre of Estates. At the end of this Treasure Hunt the guide will make a calculation of the points granted for the answers, and there is a small prize for the best group.