Black & Light Theatre

The performance takes 2 hours

2 hours | Theatre


We are going to the theater to see the famous black-light theatre. This genre is originally from the East and has really taken hold in the Czech Republic.

Its a breathtaking beautiful and colorful show with black light effects that Prague is so famous for. The show is without words and therefore also an unforgettable evening for children. Black-light theater is originated from the East, but Prague is one of the few places in Europe where you can experience it.

In the front part of the stage there are some actors who perform a traditional fun with comedy, mime and sketches, but without words, so everyone can easily understand what it is about. Sometimes there are spots where other actors appear, dressed entirely in black. Due to the very special light effects - black light - you can not see these actors, but one can easily see the paraphernalia that they have on stage.

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