Brewery Kozel

The tour takes 3 hours

3 hours | Tour


Brewery tour at the world-famous brewery Kozel Velke Popovice.

On this tour, we will invite you for an interesting visit in the popular brewery Kozel Velke Popovice, which are many people's absolute favorite brewery with "the goat on the logo" and the dark beer. The brewery Kozel Velke Popovice is located about 30 km. drive from Prague. On this tour you will see how to brew the famous beer and learn the brewery's history which dates back to year 1874 when Baron Ringhoffer founded the brewery. Today Kozel is part of the world wide SAB Miller United breweries.

The tour in the brewery will take about 90 minute and we will "Follow the goat", where we see as well the historic buildings as the current top modern facilities. The tour starts from the current brew house, where you will learn about the brewing process and the raw materials that are used for the beer. After that, the tour continues in other parts of the brewery and we will see the exciting cellars where the beer is fermented and stored. During the round trip there will be a tasting of an unfiltered beer Kozel,

We will come across a 40 meter long "Beer channel" for bottling hall, where the beer comes in bottles, kegs and cans before being shipped to the brewery.

During the tour, we will see a film about the brewery's history and the historic buildings. Finally, the group will meet "the goat Olda" which is the live mascot of the brewery.