Brewery U Fleků

The tour takes 2 hours

2 hours | Tour


Come and see the modern, unique historical brewery. Especially historic brewhouse, cooling drains and fermenting tanks in the fermentation room made from oak wood according to the original designs. The current form of the brewery is the result of successful reconstruction in 1986. Brewery U Fleků is the only brewery in Central Europe, where beer is brewed without interruption for more than 500 years. All restaurant and brewery is in ancient house decor. In eight halls and the outdoor garden brewery offers restaurant comfortable seating for more than 1,200 visitors.

During the excursion you will be guided through the brewery production. Visitors can taste dark lager beer, see a film about the history of the brewery and buy souvenirs. The brewery and restaurant U Fleku is also a place of culinary experiences. Modern kitchen staff has to satisfy the requirements of even the pickiest gourmets offering traditional Czech dishes.