Church, convent and Prague underground

The tour takes 3 hours

3 hours | Tour


The Saint James Church, The Convent of st Agnes of Bohemia and the Prague underground.

On this trip we will first visit the impressing Saint James Church, which was founded already 1232.

You will learn, why the remains of an arm are hanging just next to the statue of Virgin Mary, and why a noble man by accident was buried alive in the church. And finallly how a painter in some way was protected against the plague.

From there we walk a short way to the Convent of St Agnes of Bohemia, which is placed by the river. It was founded in 1234 By the Holy Agnes, who protected the weak, the poor and the sick people. She was the sister of Marketa, who was brought to Denmark to mary a Danish king. Agnes founded the only still existing, czech monastic order, the Nights of the Cross with the Red Star. Today the convent houses a part of the National Gallery including some fantastic icons from 1200-1550, as well as some of the earliest rulers are buried in the church in the convent. During the visit we well tell you how Agnes finally in 1989 was canonized and what consequenses that (might) have for the Czech people today

Finally we reach the high-light of the day, which is the visit in the Prague underground. 6-7 meters below the Old Town Hall we find the "Town under the Town", where people were living in the 12th century, until several meters of soil were put on top of all the houses, because of the big problems with the floodings. The walls in the Romanesque houses are several meters thick as they were constructed as small fortresses to protect the residents against the enemy. We will see a big number of wells, because the rich inhabitants were unsatisfied with the quality of the water in the public wells.

Later the cellars were used as dungeons and torture chambers. We take a walk in the old gallery and tell the stories about how the prisoners were tortured and lived a miserable life.